Student Council

Activity Overview

The Student Council fulfills an integral role in the St. Mary’s Community, acting as the predominant liaison between the students and the administrators of the school. Representing the entire student body of St. Mary’s, the Student Council works on a variety of initiatives that help enrich student life. While such initiatives vary greatly from year to year, throughout the 2013-14 school year the Student Council has attempted to raise funds to support the refurnishing of student lounges, increase school spirit through a variety of events and activities, and instigate awareness of world events through charity drives.

Past Initiatives

Excursions for All Grade Levels
Senior Privileges
Lounge Reformation
Sales of Titans Merchandise
Tri- School Movie Night
Tri- School Dance
Tri- School Prom
Spirit Day
Career Day
Million Yen Charity Drive for Tacloban, Philippines
Facebook Weekly Shoutouts


The members of the Student Council have biweekly meetings from 11:00-12:00, primarily discussing future and past events, resource allocation, and general suggestions that non-Student Council members have. As the Student Council represents a prestigious collection of elected individuals, members are expected to wholeheartedly commit to the Student Council and voluntarily support the aforementioned initiatives.

Election Process

How the representatives are chosen
Student Council representatives are voted at the end of the previous school year. Candidates who run for Executive positions must speak before the entire High School student body and are henceforth chosen through school-wide ballots. Class Presidents and Class Representatives must submit a 150-word blurb and are henceforth chosen through grade-wide ballots.

Past Events

Christmas Concert
St.Mary’s has held the annual Christmas concerts at the ES and HS level for both instrumental and choral divisions. As student council representatives, we promoted donations to the Philippines and asked for some money at the concerts. Grade representatives went around the audience passing around some bags, and after the collection, we were amazed at how much we were able to collect!
Movie Night
On November 21st, the student council held the first ever movie night in the band room. This was a social even where students were encouraged to sit in the band room with some snacks to watch a movie. Each student paid 300 yen to enter and watch the movie. From 5pm to 6:45pm was the first movie, and the second movie ran from 7pm to 9om. The first movie was called “The Untouchables” and the second one was called “Now You See Me”. They were both amazing movies and the audience mentioned it was an enjoyable evening, and our sales at the concessions stand were also very fruitful. We plan to hold this event again because there is no cost in running this event, except buying the DVD’s, which is much cheaper than hosting a dance party. Booking and arranging of the room took some time, but other than that, everything went smoothly and we wish to host another one in the near future.