Activity Overview

The speech team is a team that allows students to showcase their talent for speech in 8 categories of rhetoric:
Original Informative
Original Persuasive
Humorous Interpretation
Dramatic Interpretation
Dramatic Duo
Poetic Interpretation
Multiple Reading
The advisors, headed by Ms. Gordon, through a series of tryout pick two groups for students or groups for each category. This variety of categories allows students to focus in on their best oratory abilities. The selected speakers then prepare for the Speech Contest that takes place at the end of November, occurring in any one of the international schools around Tokyo that is chosen to host it. For the time leading up to the event, the team members are assigned to one of the coaches, and can set up weekly times when they can practice their speeches with their coaches and receive constructive criticism in order to improve their speeches. The amount of time put in to the making these finely tuned and well-practiced speeches pay off when, not only the audience responds well to your speech, but also when this practices allows students to communicate much better, with better poise, eye contact, and much more confidence.