Is there an entry requirement to get into the IB Diploma Program?

All students who have completed the 10th Grade at St. Mary’s will be eligible to be either an IB Course Candidate or an IB Full Diploma Candidate in the 11th Grade. However, for a student to become a Full Diploma Candidate, the school must be satisfied that the student is aware of the challenges, and capable of achieving them. If a student is intent on becoming a Full Diploma Candidate against the recommendations of his teachers, the IB Diploma Coordinator or the HS Counselor, a parental meeting will be required, and conditions will be applied on initiation of the program.

Am I locked into the Full Diploma Program once I begin it?

Although it is hoped that accurate course selections are made at the start of the 11th Grade year, and that students honor their commitment to the Full Diploma program, it is recognized that, on occasion, an adjustment may need to be made. In such cases, the IB Coordinator will work with the HS Counselor to modify the schedule as needed, including changing a student’s status to ‘Non-Full Diploma’ if needed.

Can I get into university without doing the Full Diploma Program?

Yes. Click on the ‘IB and Universities’ tab of in the ‘General’ section of this website, or the ‘Course Program and University’ tab of the ‘Non-Full Diploma’ section.

Is the Full IB Diploma very hard?

The Full Diploma Program IS hard, but mainly because there is a lot of work involved. A Full Diploma Candidate will stay busy for the full two years of the program.

What is the difference between the IB Full Diploma Program and the IB Course Program?

In the Full IB Diploma Program, six subjects must be taken over two years, three or four of which must be at Higher Level. Full Diploma Candidates also have to complete an Extended Essay, do the 2-year TOK course and must participate in CAS (Creativity, Action and Service) activities. In the IB Course Program (or ‘Non-Diploma Program’), a student can take less than six subjects, does not have to do as many as three Higher Level subjects, does not have to do TOK and CAS, and does not have to write an Extended Essay.