Fall Play

Activity Overview

The Fall Play is typically either a mystery or a thriller. Over the past couple of years, we have presented plays such as: Mumbo Jumbo, Don’t Drink the Water, The Lady Vanishes, Murder in the Wings, and Catering to Murder. Traditionally, the Fall Play is in the style of a theatre in the round, which allows the audience to view the stage from all four sides. Every year, the Fall Play showcases a talented group of students from St. Mary’s International School and Seisen International School. Including students from many different grade levels, the Fall Play develops camaraderie among students who are of different ages, but have similar interests.

Fall Play 2017 Season Summary “Saint Joan”

The decision to stage the dramatic retelling of the life and execution of “Saint Joan” by George Bernard Shaw was a brave one, but Ms. Delbridge had seen plenty of evidence of the talent on offer when she directed “Blood Brothers” in 2016. She had every confidence that she would find the performers to take on the challenging roles and that indeed proved to be the case. The play opens in the castle of the Earl of Baudricourt who is forced to deal with this insolent teenager who insists that she has seen visions and heard voices telling her to lead a French army against the English intruders. The Earl is persuaded by the strength of her convictions to help, and she is sent to the Dauphin’s court to offer her services. The young King is also persuaded, and she is sent to assist at the siege of Orleans where her presence and inspiration seem to bring about the French victory. She is now branded as a charismatic and stirring general who has God on her side, and is consequently seen as responsible for many more French victories. Yet she is also branded as a dangerous opponent to the power of the English nobility and the power and influence of the French church. When captured, Joan is put on trial for heresy. The Church wants to see her recant and declare the Church her guide and master. Her heresy would then be forgiven but she would suffer perpetual imprisonment. Such a fate is not acceptable to Joan, she rips up her recantation and accepts her death by fire at the stake. The subject matter that the play deals with is complex. Understanding the political machinations of the Church and Barons requires a good understanding of the historical period. The play is wordy. Yet, despite these potential obstacles, the student actors were excellent in portraying the drama of Joan’s journey and end. Audience feedback was overwhelmingly positive and everyone involved walked away with a new appreciation of the time period and the influence of the Maid of Orleans.

Fall 2014 Season Summary “Casablanca”

“Casablanca, the Fall Play this year, is an attempt to take that famous movie back to its little known roots as an unproduced play. This year’s play will go back traditional theatre layout, with the stage being presented in a way reminiscent of a Hollywood film set. The actors, many of whom have been in several previous productions, took active roles in the developing of the movie script into that of a workable live play. Notable this year is the introduction of 10 short musical pieces featuring a live 4 piece-band and, of course, Sam (and Ilsa) at the piano. The backstage crew was incredibly professional and a pleasure to work with. This production belongs to the students.” -Season summary by Mr. Martens, Fall Play Director 2014.