Course Program and Uni

The IB Course Program offers a clear route to universities in the USA and Japan. US Colleges focus primarily on high school achievement, which means the grades received in class. They also look at SAT scores, student involvement in extra-curricular activities, student personal statements and recommendations. Therefore, a student who can present a good profile on the basis of the above should be able to obtain some good offers in the USA, even if he is not a Full IB Diploma Candidate.
Japanese universities view our students as either coming from the IB track or from the non-IB track. From their point of view, the non-IB track means non-Full Diploma (in other words, IB Course Program Candidates), and such students are given full consideration by being evaluated on the basis of high school transcripts and other high school achievements and involvements. Every year, a number of our students attend Japanese universities, some as IB Course Program Candidates.
Canadian universities also consider IB Course Program Candidates, although they tend to prefer applicants offering the Full IB Diploma. Australian universities are similar in this regard.
Although some UK universities will consider IB Course Program Candidates, the majority will only make offers to Full IB Diploma Candidates.