Course Program

The Course Program is another name for the non-Full IB Diploma Program. So, any student in the 11th Grade or 12th Grade who is doing at least one IB Course, but is NOT enrolled in the Full Diploma Program is an IB Course Program Candidate.
In any given year, 20% – 40% of our students choose to be in the IB Course Program. Often, they are students who are aiming to attend college in the USA or in Japan, where the Full IB Diploma is not necessarily required for admission. The Course Program is generally less work than the Full IB Diploma, and has less requirements. Unlike Full IB Diploma Candidates, Course Program students do not have to stick to a prescribed course of studies, and do not have to be accountable for their non-academic activities. However, colleges still expect IB Course Program Candidates to be involved in school and serious about their goals, and although the path to graduation may not be as complex as it is for Full IB Diploma Candidates, it is still rigorous and requires a student’s best efforts to succeed.