Activity Overview

As a Booster you would always be on hand in the St. Mary’s community to help with major events such as the Bingo and the Carnival. This year, Boosters would like to expand its services and become invovled in other St. Mary’s activities as well as events at Seisen International School. Our objective is to boost school spirit and we aim to do so by participating in numerous fine arts and sports events.

Past Activities

Christmas Craft Fair

On December 7th, 2013, Boosters were involved in the Christmas Crafts Fair. We were in charge of Child Care, which was a place where parents would leave their children in our care while they watch the Elementary Christmas Concert. Although this is a small event, it came with larger responsibility. Looking after the children was a delicate job, but our Boosters and some Seisen Boosters managed to complete the job without any huge trouble. We again received number of compliments from St. Mary’s Mother’s Association, which the Boosters deserve.


On October 18th, Boosters helped out “Lightning Bingo” held at St. Mary’s. Bingo has been one of the biggest events in St. Mary’s, and this year we had about 90 Boosters taking part. While seniors fired up the crowd with their flags and whistles, rest of the boosters were kept busy selling goods or distributing prizes. We had Seisen Boosters help us out, which made things run smoother. The Boosters took part from setup to cleanup of this event, and it could not have been possible without the commitment of all Boosters. The number of compliments we received from teachers and parents shows our great work and success.

Festivals of Nations Carnival

On October 6th, the Boosters helped out at the Seisen Festival of Nations. Despite the fact that the date was postponed from Saturday to Sunday, many people came to support this event. Our main jobs included help carry ice, sell goods of other country booths, and cleaning up when everything was over. Since every members worked hard to finish clean up in an efficient manner, we were able to clean up in record time. By wearing our uniform t-shirts, we were able to represent the school and show our support throughout the day. Receiving numerous positive feedbacks, we wish to help out at more events in the future.