Amnesty International

Activity Overview

Amnesty International is a non-governmental association who seeks to defend human rights. It is also recognized as a global movement with more than 7 million members throughout 70 nations. Amnesty International aims to acquaint or spread the notion of freedom and justice. Therefore, St.Mary’s Amnesty International has formed a group of 12 members and have decided to spread the word thought the Kanto Plains. In order to achieve this, we will plan to have several petitions, fundraisers, etc. In addition, this year, we have introduced a new activity of letter writing. This is an activity which enables students to write their feelings towards the needy.

3 Beliefs

Emphasis on human rights, and equality of all the human beings
Freedom of expression and consistent voicing of pressing issues
Advocates of child abuses and in support of certain campaigns in the underdeveloped countries

Past Activities

Letter of Encouragement to the Philippines
Amnesty International has conducted one of major activity and that is sending letters of encouragement to the victims of Philippines. Student Council and various activities had played a part to this movement, therefore, Amnesty International decided to take an action too. It was a tradition for Amnesty International group to send letters of encouragement and this time, our members had sent letters of encouragement to Philippines.

Fund Raising

In addition, Amnesty International Group in St.Mary’s has been active for the past years in conducting petitions, fund raisers, etc. Every year, Amnesty International’s challenging event is to conduct petitions in St.Mary’s and Seisen Carnival. This year, Amnesty International has conducted a petition based on “Kenyan Government must send forced evictions”. In Kenya, more than 400 homes were destroyed by the Kenyan Government since they wanted to start new factories and industries in that area. Although, housing is considered as a human right and no one should be forcibly evicted, no matter where they live. Therefore, the Amnesty International members have convinced more than 200 people to sign the petition based on this event. Other than these major activities, Amnesty has also conducted letter writing. Early in this year, Amnesty members have asked St.Mary’s students to write a short message on the postcard which was sent to Malala since she was shot for advocating education for girls. By writing short messages to her, this can encourage and cheer up Malala to pursue her dreams. Overall, these are the main events which Amnesty International has presented.